Market fabric yarn materials Analysis-2

The first part we introduce more fiber that is suitable for women’s underwear,intimate and women’s fitness sport bra and other sportswear. Here we will continue to list some market  fiber used in fitness apparels suppliers in China,and it is used widely not only in sleepwear/nightwear factories in China but also jacket suppliers in China, ect.

A. Tencel fiber
Tencel is a kind of cellulose fiber. It uses solvent spinning technology. Its dry strength is slightly lower than that of polyester, but it is obviously higher than that of ordinary viscose fiber.

The wet strength is obviously improved compared with viscose, and  has very high rigidity. The dimensional stability of the washing is so good that the shrinkage rate is only 2%.It also has  high hygroscopicity.The cross section of the fiber is round or elliptical, and the gloss is beautiful. The handfeeling is soft, and the drape &  the airflow is good.It also used in women’s seamless underwear suppliers in China.

Market fabric yarn materials Analysis-2

In a word, Tencel has following features: ①The softness is the same as cotton; ② The high strength is the same as polyester; ③It has  hairy warmth but it is easy to harden under hot and humid conditions, and the picking property in cold water is not good.


Silk is a textile that woven with silk or synthetic fibers, rayon, short yarn, etc., a general name for fabrics that are purely woven or interwoven with silk or rayon.It uses more in women’s  sleepwear and women’s sexy underwear suppliers in China. 

① It is comfortable . The silk is composed of protein fiber.It has good biocompatibility with the human body, and the surface is smooth. Its friction coefficient to the human body is the lowest among all kinds of fibers, only 7.4%.
② It has good absorption and desorption. Silk of protein fiber is enriched with many hydrophilic groups such as amine groups (-CONH) and amino groups (-NH2).Because of its lots of porosities, it can absorb water or emit moisture in the air.  Under normal temperature, it can help the skin to retain a certain amount of moisture, and not to make the skin too dry; in the summer, it can also quickly release the sweat and heat from the body, making people feel cool.

C.Linen fiber

Linen fiber is derived from flax, one of the most valuable ecological resources. It is a renewable resource, all of which is treasure, and linen does not need to use herbicides during planting .So it   can be said to be a green fiber.

D.Heating fiber 

Traditional heat preservation is to prevent the heat escape from the body. The heating fiber is a new material that heats itself and warms the body. Its water absorption is further  than other fiber types. It is a fiber that can generate heat after moisture absorption, such as Eks fiber, softwarm fiber, etc. The so-called self-heating fiber has a limited function in terms of heat generation, because the heat energy generated can only be obtained from the skin respiration of the human body from the law of conservation of matter. At present, the degree of heat in a thermal underwear is about 3-5 degrees.The softwarm fiber developed by Toray Corporation of Japan will be better than others.It sells better in women’s intimate and lingerie suppliers in China,especially in Asian stores,such as Japan and Singapore.


E.Acrylic fiber

Acrylic is a synthetic fiber made from 85% acrylonitrile and 15% high molecular weight polymer by wet or dry spinning. The scientific name is polyacrylonitrile fiber, also known as “synthetic wool”. The performance of polyacrylonitrile fiber is very similar to wool.

It has good elasticity. When the elongation is 20%, the rebound rate can still be kept at 65%. It is  soft, and its warmth is 15% higher than wool. So it is called synthetic wool. The strength is 22.1~48.5cN/dtex, which is 1~2.5 times higher than wool. It has excellent light fastness, and one year in the open air, when under strength it only drops 20%. So it can be made into curtains, curtains, tarpaulins, guns and so on.

It is resistant to acids, oxidants and general organic solvents, but has poor alkali resistance. The fiber softening temperature is 190 to 230 °C.

It has the advantages of softness, bulkiness, easy dyeing, bright color, light resistance, antibacterial, and no fear of insects. It can be purely or blended with natural fibers according to the requirements of different uses. Its textiles are widely used in clothing, decoration, industry, etc. field. Polyacrylonitrile fiber can be blended with wool into wool, or woven into blankets, carpets, etc. It can also be blended with cotton, rayon, other synthetic fibers, and woven into various clothing and indoor products. But there is not so much used in women’s intimate and lingerie suppliers in China

F.Natural colored cotton

Natural colored cotton is a new type of textile material that has been cultivated with modern bioengineering technology and it  has natural color when the cotton is opening bolls. However, only green and brown colored cotton are currently successfully grown in batches.There  are more used in women’s bra,women’s brief,women’s hipster suppliers in China.

Market fabric yarn materials Analysis-2

G.Polar Fleece

Polar Fleece is a kind of fabric. It is made of 100% polyester with a small  knit structure. It is woven  in a large circular machine. After weaving, the grey fabric is dyed first, and then weaved, combed, sheared and shaken  granules and other complex finishing processes.The surface is fluffy, and the fluff is fluffy and dense.It is pilling.  Japan’s richest man, Yan Jingzhen’s Uniqlo, has a lot of fleece costumes.

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