Market fabric yarn materials Analysis-1

Though we introduce the regular fabric yarn materials used in women’s fitness apparel suppliers in China in last blog, actually in addition to regular fabirc yarn  materials, the following  market fabric yarn materials are also used by us.Here we list some not so regular fiber but may also used in fitness apparels suppliers in China:

Market fabric yarn materials Analysis-1

A.Shengma fiber

Shengma fiber is a regenerated cellulose fiber produced from a viscose production line using hemp as a raw material. It completely eliminates the disadvantages of poor skin-friendly and easy
wrinkle of natural hemp fiber products, while maintaining the advantages of good moisture absorption and permeability, and antibacterial properties.

The products processed with the sacral cellulose fiber have good physics, chemical and mechanical properties, good wear resistance, good moisture absorption, good gas permeability, high strength, high toughness, large initial modulus, good dyeability, high fixation rate, biodegradability, certain health care function, and suitable for processing special effects products.

B. Aloe fiber
Aloe fiber is a functional cellulose fiber made by adding high-tech aloe powder into the fiber during the spinning of cellulose fiber by high-tech means, so that the aloe particles are evenly distributed in the fiber and in the outer surface. Aloe vera viscose staple fiber is a regenerated
cellulose fiber which is made from cotton pulp as raw material by alkali leaching, pressing, ageing, yellowing, mixing, filtering, defoaming, aging, spinning, refining and drying.

The chemical and physical properties of aloe vera viscose staple fiber are very close to that of cotton. It has good hygroscopicity and moisture release properties.The fabric  is particularly comfortable to wear.

In the textile processing process, it is not easy to cause accumulation of static electricity.Blending with synthetic fibers can improve the spinnability of the blended fibers and facilitate processing. At the same time, it has good dyeing properties and can be dyed into a variety of bright colors . It is mainly used for pure spinning or blending with cotton and other functional fibers. It is also suitable for blending with synthetic fibers such as polyester used in women’s fitness apparel suppliers in China.

The conventional varieties are mainly 1.67dtex*38mm staple fiber, and 75DX24F and 120DX30F filaments are commonly used in textile.Our long sleeve tops and leggings to Asian clothes stores have used the fiber.

Market fabric yarn materials Analysis-1

C. blended fiber
Although fiber is basically as above, many functional fibers used in women’s gymwear suppliers in China,will be found according to customer requirements. In addition, it is rarely a single fiber, for example, we will use polyester cotton, namely polyester and cotton. The abbreviation for this material is T/C or CVC. The full name of CVC is chief value of cotton. Polyester (polyester) is blended with cotton, the cotton content higher than polyester, and it is called CVC yarn.And vice versa is T/C yarn. But now it is called CVC yarn mainly because the  content is more than 65% of the cotton content, and the C/T ratio of 55/45 is also called T/C yarn.Now our products tank top have developped with the fiber according to the request of customers.

Clothing terminology is as following

80s  indicates the thickness of the yarn,and S (yarn count) refers to how many 840 yards of 1 pound of yarn (1 yard = 0.9144 meters)

C represents the cotton fiber component
T represents the composition of polyester fiber

Cotton 60% polyester 40%

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