“Emerging” clothing industry-seamless garment

There appears  a veriety of  seamless garments on the market,especially seamless women’s fitness bra,seamless women’s yoga legging, seamless women’s body shaper.Nowadays it is popular not only in Asian stores but also in European’s. Seamless dri-fit garment is popular in sport brands ,top sport brands such  as Nike,Adidas, Under Armous, top lingerie brand Victoria’s  Secret and also famous shapewear brand Spanx.And they source more and more from seamless garment suppliers in China. While,still many people also don’t understand what is the difference of seamless garment and how is the seamless garment produced.


"Emerging" clothing industry-seamless garment

1.What is the difference between seamless garment and cut & sewn garment ?

The so-called “seamless garment” is a new type of special equipment to produce a one-piece garment and finished in one time .The special  machine produces high-elastic knitted outerwear,underwear and sportswear.And there is not sewed in the side seam,neck seam,waist seam,hip seam,bottom seam.Combining comfort,fashion and close-fitting,it has become the mainstream of knitwear.

Take  an easy-understanding  example here in the appearance between seamless women’s brief and cut& sewn women’s brief.There is no side seam and waistband seam sewed.


"Emerging" clothing industry-seamless garment

Products knitted directly from seamless garment knitting machines have many of the finished features, and it is basic shaped ,such as the size  , the elastic waistband, the cut-out markings, the waistband seam and so on.Wearing seamless underwear is comfortable, fit, moisture-absorbing, breathable, full and smooth, elastic and soft to the touch.

Since the seamless underwear product is not stitched, the excess suture and bloated appearance of the garment at the side seams, shoulders, underarms, etc. disappears, and it has higher fit and more comfort than the traditional knitwear,and the garment is no longer subject to the limition of stitch  which cannot extend freely. The seamless garment not only makes consumers love it, but also provides the designer with a freely imaginative design space.

"Emerging" clothing industry-seamless garment

2. When is the seamless garment began and how will it be coming in the future?

The concept of seamless knitting began in the 1980s, when production equipment was mainly used for the industrial production of socks and knitted garments.Nowadays, the seamless process has been greatly developed, and it is more and more maturely applied to all aspects of the clothing field. It not only has a considerable proportion in the underwear market, but also breaks in the direction of outerwear, sportswear and swimwear.More than 90% of production and consumption are now concentrated in Europe, North America, etc.The China National Textile Council also predicted that in the next ten years, about 40% or more  of the underwear market will be seamless. “Seamless underwear” will become a new hot spot.

"Emerging" clothing industry-seamless garment

3.What is the principle of seamless garment ?

Seamless garment  is a special elastic fabric.The production of traditional seamless underwear is mostly made of covering yarn by nylon and spandex  yarn as the ground yarn to provide the elastic properties of the garment. The processing characteristics are basically formed on a special knitting circular weft machine. After the machine is off, stack them neatly.

Seamless knitwear refers to the use of a  special circular machine in a weft-knitted manner, according to a pre-designed computer program. Once knitted into a cylindrical garment (without side seams), and then the garment is dyed and fixed, and finally simple the cut and stitching made the ready-to-wear.

"Emerging" clothing industry-seamless garment

4.What is the feature of seamless garment?

Sewed underwear is a traditional knitwear, mainly  as a knit fabric by a large circular machine. After being cut into pieces, it is then sewn into a garment, similar to the sewing process of ordinary woven fabric.There are seams on both sides, and there are many seams. If you wear them for a long time, you will feel uncomfortable, or the skin will be stitched. In addition, the elasticity is not good enough, and it may not be close enough and may become bigger when worn for a long time.But there is no denying that traditional underwear has always been with us.

Seamless garment is a complete knitted product produced by the machine through specific programming. It can be knitted with different tissue structures in different parts of the product.The design changes with the personality of the human body, and different extrusion effects are exerted on different parts of the body. The whole body is comfortable and close to the body.Wearing it will keep body shaping or functional health care.In layman’s terms, the seamless garment is the same as the socks worn in peacetime. It is knitted in a whole circle, without sutures on both sides, and has a knitted part on the chest and buttocks. Its characteristics can be summarized as follows:

(1) The composition of the fabric : the ground yarn is nylon. Cotton or other natural fibers, the veil is an elastic yarn;

(2) Close-fitting seamless: magical seamless design, comfortable and seamless, care for the skin;

(3) Body shaping: unique chest, waist, hips, straight back and other functions;

(4) Moisture-permeable and breathable: cotton fabric, sweat-absorbent and breathable, keeping skin dry and comfortable;

(5) Stylish and beautiful: the shape is simple and noble,and the appearance is simple and elegant.


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