Each parameter of the material-P1

Here we will introduce more about the meaning of each parameter of the material in seamless women’s fitness apparel suppliers in China and hope that it can help to get a deeper understanding.And we will take several parts to have a detailed description.

Each parameter of the material-P1

1.Polyester FDY63D/24F

This means a draft of a total fineness of 63 denier (consisting of 24 monofilaments)
FDY refers to the fully drawn yarn, the various abbreviations of the same parameter and the meanings  are as follows:

Primary silk: undrawn yarn (conventional spinning) (UDY), medium oriented yarn (medium speed spinning) (MOY), pre-oriented yarn (high-speed spinning) (POY) ,Preoriented yarn /partially oriented yarn, high orientation yarn (Ultra High Speed ​​Spinning) (HOY)

Drawn yarn: drawn yarn (low speed drawn yarn) (DY), fully drawn yarn (spinning one step method) (FDY) , fully oriented yarn ( Spinning one-step method) (FOY)

Textured yarn: draw texturing yarn  (DTY) , air texturing  yarn (ATY)

POY and FDY: The high-speed spinning is 3000-6000 m/min, and the spinning speed which is below 4000 m/min is a  higher pre-oriented yarn,called POY (pre-oriented yarn).

If it is  stretching during the spinning process,getting  a high degree of orientation and a medium crystallinity , which is a fully drawn yarn, generally called  FDY (fully draw yarn).

DT: The yarn stretched and also  twisted  is called DT (Draw Twist). DT is obtained by using POY as the original yarn by drawing and twisting machine.It is mainly stretching  with a small amount of twist.

DTY:DTY fibers are crimped, but POY and FDY fibers are straight.While FDY is stronger than POY . In general, the yarn price is DTY >FDY>POY

63D refers to 63 denier.Daniel is Daniel, which means the total weight of the 9000-meter length fiber.If it is DTEX, it is a decitex and refers to the number of grams of 10,000 meter long fiber .

Some finer fibers may use MTEX, which is the weight of a 1000,000 meter long fiber . In general, we will say how many milligrams of 1000 meters fiber long. If it is cotton, people often use the British yarn count (S) to indicate.

“The thickness of the yarn, is currently used in women’s fitness wear suppliers in China by “Inch”: one pound (454 grams) of heavy cotton yarn (or other component yarn).When the length is 840 yards (0.9144 m / yard), the fineness is 1s.

If one pound of yarn, its length is 10 × 840 yards and its fineness is 10s. The inch count is fixed weight, so the larger the count, the finer the yarn.It is still widely used in womens clothing enterprises, especially the cotton textile industry. For example, 30S/2 means that the weight of a 1-pound material is 30X840 yards.Following by / 2, refers to this yarn is 2 strands screwed together, and some are /3 and so on.

Each parameter of the material-P1

2. covered spandex yarn 2030 or  3030 means that  20D or 30D spandex breaded with 30D nylon or polyester.

Covered spandex yarn is a new type of yarn that is made of filament or staple fiber inside and is wrapped with another filament or staple fiber outside. The outer wrap coats the core yarn in a spiral manner. It is characterized by uniform, fully, smooth yarn with less hairiness, high strength and less broken ends.

According to the number of coating layers, it can be divided into two kinds of single-coated yarns and double-coated yarns. Among them, the polyester & spandex,nylon & spandex are mostly coated in a single-coated yarn. The double-coated yarn is made various special fibers such as combed cotton (viscose, bamboo fiber, various yarns)  covered with polyester and double-coated yarns.

Becuse of  the different machine, it can be divided into two types of covered spandex yarn: stretch covered spandex yarn(SCY) and air covered spandex yarn(ACY).

Above all,we all used in our products such as women’s fitness apparel,women’s sport bra,women’s brief,women’s hipster,women’s body shaper,women’s yoga tops and men’s boyshort,ect.

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